Peggy’s Parlour

A couple of months ago I spotted a beautiful, marshmallow pink bakery in Belgravia and couldn’t help but have a little peek inside. With trays of candy coloured cupcakes and bags of meringue kisses on display, Peggy Porschen’s Parlour has to be London’s prettiest place for tea and cake. Peggy Porshcen has built a reputation as a leading bespoke cake company creating couture wedding and celebration cakes for the likes of Kate Moss, Stella McCartney and Madonna.

A couple of Peggy’s creations I photographed at the Cake and Bake Show…

However with the opening of their boutique bakery in Autumn 2010 anyone can try their delicious cakes, artisan teas and coffees. The cupcake menu is short but very sweet. My favourite is the ‘Sticky Toffee’ which has a walnut and date sponge with caramel filling and toffee icing (who could resist that). Perfect for an afternoon of pure self-indulgence! (See their cupcake menu).

For those who want to recreate a bit of Peggy’s cake heaven at home why not have a peruse through her exquisite new book ‘Boutique Baking’.

Anyone for a meringue kiss?

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